The Big Guy
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Hal, a Ricoh Pro C900 digital color production printer, traveled from Atlanta to join the Sun Insurance Services staff in February, 2011. It was his first job. Weighing in at 1,592 pounds, Hal requires the largest office in the Sun Insurance Services suite. He specializes in full-color magazines printed for homeowner associations, but is also happy to do simpler jobs in his idle time. He supports the marketing efforts of Sun Insurance Services and also offers low-cost, high-quality printing for the businesses Sun insures. Hal works closely with Fiery E-80 Print Controller, a sophisticated graphic arts software package. He enjoys the support of a personal trainer (Pedro) and a "physician" (Manny), who makes house calls when Hal is not at his best. Hal is available to serve clients 24/7/365 and rarely takes a sick day. His favorite colors are cyan, magenta, yellow and black. Like other superstars such as Shaq, Kareem, and Magic… Hal only goes by one name.