Group Health Insurance Policies

Our agents at Sun Insurance Services develop FL group & personal health insurance solutions. Companies in Florida that seek quality group health insurance plans and coverage will benefit from over 20 years of industry expertise. Our programs are designed to meet the diverse needs of both employer and employee as affordability and employee retention are our primary objectives when developing any employee health benefits package.

What Can You Expect When You Work With Sun Insurance Services for Group Health Coverage?

  • We work with you to evaluate your group health needs.
  • We’ll give you options and explain the different group health insurance plans available to your business.
  • Your agent will find the right group health plan to suit the needs of your business, employees and budget.
  • Our team at Sun Insurance Services will assist with difficult claims issues.
  • We represent the top carriers in Florida so you will have quality options.

Sun Insurance Services will customize an affordable group health benefits package that will meet the needs of both employer and the employee. We will conduct comprehensive analysis of business strategy, employer long-term goals and current health benefits package to make sure we cover all the bases…

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