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Secure, Fast, and Simple!

Our new Sun Insurance Services APP is ready when you are, and when you're not!

It has the tools you need to be prepared before, during and after something happens that affects you or your family.

With over 75% of our customers using Smartphones to access goods and services, we are thrilled to provide our APP as the easiest way to connect with Sun Insurance Services.

Not only is it a convenient way to get policy information and pay your bill, there are great tools to share and update the information that helps us customize your coverage to fit your needs.

Use our secure smart tools to create a home inventory in no time, detail an accident, and capture & store your policy info. So convenient right at the end of your fingertips.

Home Inventory Made Simple

Easy, Quick & Secure - Create & update Home Inventories in minutes.

Click and Capture the contents and value of your personal property on your Smartphone.

Click and Share reports to ensure proper insurance coverage, file a claim, or update estate & tax info.

Having a Home Inventory report gives you peace of mind, sharing your report helps us customize your coverage to fit your needs.

Auto & Accident Help on the Spot

Accidents happen and it is smart to contact your agent or insurance company quickly.

With our SUNny APP you can capture details necessary to file a claim right from with your iPhone or Android phone.

Set-up today and car info automatically loads into accident reports.

Share with family drivers so everyone is prepared.