Understand your Home Insurance

Coverage A

Your dwelling coverage insures the structure, your house, and attached structures (garages, patios, etc.) for damages including, but not limited to the following: fire, lightning, tornadoes, hurricanes, theft, vandalism, etc. It does not coverage damage from flooding.

The Coverage A amount is based on replacement cost, or how much it would cost to rebuild your house if you had a total loss. It does not take into account the market value of your home, which includes your land, or the amount of your mortgage.

Coverage B

This insures structures not attached to your home, such as a fence, shed, garage, etc. Typically Coverage B is equal to 10% of Coverage A.

Coverage C

Personal Property coverage protects the basic contents of a house against the same risks listed in the Coverage A section. Coverage is usually limited to 40-50% of the Coverage A amount. This coverage can be increased if you feel that the set amount will not cover your big ticket items like big screen TVs, computers, cell phones, jewelry, etc.

It is important to keep an accurate inventory of your home to get fair compensation for a homeowners claim. We provide a free home inventory tool on our Web site.

Coverage D

This insures you for temporary housing expenses and things like car and boat storage and pet kennel expenses if your home were uninhabitable because of damage from a covered loss.

Coverage E

Personal Liability coverage provides insurance for legal expenses and medical costs when you are legally responsible for bodily injury or property damage to others.

Coverage F

Medical Payments coverage pays for certain medical costs if someone is injured on your property. Examples include exams and x-rays.

Replacement Cost Coverage

This coverage replaces damaged property with new materials or items. Depreciation is not taken into consideration.


This is the amount a policyholder has agreed to pay on each claim. Raising your deductibles can lower the annual premium for a policy.

All Perils Deductible

This is the amount you will pay out of each claim due to a loss by a covered peril. This does not include losses caused by hurricanes.

Hurricane Deductible

The amount you will pay towards hurricane claims is 2% of your Coverage A amount. For example, if your home is covered for $100,000, you will pay for the first $2,000 in repairs. Talk to your agent about the ways your can strengthen your home against wind damage and qualify for additional discounts on your policy.

Special Limits of Liability

Your personal property has a Limit of Liability which is stated under Coverage C. Within this limit for contents there are Special Limits of Liability. These are sub-limits for certain items for which the policy will not pay more than a smaller, set amount. Please note that the high-value items which are relatively easy to steal, like jewelry, are insured only for loss by theft. Loss by fire or other catastrophic event would not qualify. These limits can be increased with an endorsement.


money, bank notes, bullion, gold, silver, platinum, coins, medals, scrip, stored value cards, and smart cards.


securities, accounts, deeds, evidences of debt, letters of credit, notes other than bank notes, manuscripts, personal records, passports, tickets and stamps.


watercraft of all types, including trailers and equipment/motors.


trailers other than boat trailers.

Jewelry & Furs

loss by theft of jewelry, watches, furs, precious and semiprecious stones.


loss by theft of firearms.


loss by theft of silverware (and similar tableware).

Business Property on Premises

Business Property off Premises